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Facebook Testimonies
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Vicki.... Roger, Well how do we start? First my friend Mary Pat asked for prayer for a crown in her upper right molar. She received more that what she asked for. Praise God. Her sinus cavity was worked on, her left jaw was realigned. It was left out of socket when they pulled a tooth 4 years ago and now it looks perfectly aligned. Her face looks different. She had a numb spot or more like nerve damage, but now has some circulation there and is starting to feel it. Gods power was strong. She was hot, laughing, tongue was numb like God's novicane, fire all over her. God's glory is amazing!!!!!

I was so hit with Gods' fire! I saw God's hand go in my mouth. I felt Him pulling out yuk from my gums. I kept running to the toliet and thought I was going to throw up. I felt pressure on all my teeth (and still do) like they are going to fly out of my mouth and new ones will show up. I am believing for more when I go to sleep. Major fire from the Lord, loud laughing. Now I have a glory hangover!! I love Him! Praise you Lord and God bless Roger for his obedience to your call.

Roger, we forgot to post more about Mary Pat's mouth last night. Besides all that is in the former posting, she has been sick and had some sores inside her mouth because of it. Those are gone. She also had a dark spot on her gum around her one missing tooth in the back. That dark spot is also gone. God is so beyond.

Stephanie..... Roger gave me some prayer cloths for my daughter Emily who is ten. Well she said just now that the other day she was going to bed and her belly was hurting and she got the prayer cloth and put it on the belly and the pain went away and she fell a sleep and slept really good. Glory to God!!! Smiley

Jan...... thanks for your prayers. several days ago noticed several teeth lower right aching, then you prayed for dental miracles, all aching gone.noticed it right away, but wanted to wait. it has not returned. i think no accident teeth began hurting then you call out dental miracles. God is showing himself so incredibly big as miracle worker. God is miracle working God and delights in miracles.

Myriam..... I just want to thank God, the Only Almighty God who hears our prayers and heals us from our sicknesses and pain. My mom has been suffering from asthma for a longtime now, right even before she comes here in the US, she's been just taking medication here and there and we even have another doctor's appointment this coming Friday but after seeing Roger posted on his status that he's praying for teeth and other physical problems, I connected with him via chat, he prayed for my mom and command that sickness to go away, brothers and sisters I tell ya my mom is not in pain anymore, she sounds a lot better that she was few days ago, she said her lungs are clear and I can hear her myself talking clearly without sounds. Thank you Jesus, He is so wonderful and Powerful, reason why I love Him so much. Thanks Roger for your prayer, God bless you.

Chrisie... Roger started praying for my tooth before 10pm...didn't feel better right away, but I have been working at my computer, and just noticed, it wasn't hurting anymore :) Thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit!

Krista.... Roger prayed for my teeth/mouth and low and behold I found out that my jaw/mouth was super tight, as Roger and I were praying my jaw/mouth loosened up! Thank you God for your healing touch!!

Brenda..... Toothache removed by the power of God. Can bite down without a problem. Praise God and give Him glory.

Bonnie..... I contacted Roger on Facebook chat July 3, last night. He was on praying for people. I had just connected with him when he said he would be right back. As I was waiting for him to come back on I felt the fire of God come on me!! I was typing out my prayer request, telling him about my problem when I felt heat come down on me. It started on the back of my head, down my neck, & onto my shoulders. I was wondering about it when Roger came back to chat.

The anointing kept coming in waves as he prayed for me. It changed from heat to a heavy weightiness on my body. It became hard for me to lift my arms to type. Roger told me to relax and let the Lord touch me. To rest in the anointing. I am amazed that the power of God's anointing was so strong!! I really did not expect that to happen. Sitting at my computer typing on chat!! The anointing does break the yoke. I had problems with my right arm starting from my shoulder down into my hand... carpal tunnel, tendonitis, elbow joint pain, & swelling of forearm. I have been pain free today. I have been typing quite a bit and going about my day without the pain & discomfort I have had for approximately 3 years! Praise the Lord, Jesus is healing thru this prayer chat and Roger's prayers.

Marcee..... Yes, Roger prayed with me on Facebook today and I am still pain free in my lower back and knee! Thanks God and thanks Roger for being a willing servant!

Young woman prays the prayer of Salvation with me on FB chat! Angels are now rejoicing

This Miracle Triggers an Outpouring in a Home

WOW!!!!! Praise God... Roger just prayed for me online Facebook and I just got healed after a destroyed left rotator cuff and neck and back injuries since a 1997 surgery and had been in chronic pain since..... I am healed praise the Lord Jesus Christ I AM HEALED! I can raise my left arm... FIRST TIME!!!!! I am so blessed..... ALL PAINS GONE!  Also all pains going out my neck for the first time in years I could not turn my head from left to right i can now!!!!!!GLORY TO GOD!!!!!!!

Also Praise the Lord! when Roger PRAYED my family prayed!  Meaning my little god daughter Ashley over Facebook, and son on phone! god daughter got filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in other tongues and little daughter got healed of asthma and sons leg is being healed of torn ligaments and tendons the LORD GOD IS A GREAT GOD!!!!!!!  HEY GUYS THIS IS FOR REAL Hallelujah JESUS LIVES TY LORD for servants like Roger who believe!!!!!


Karen.......... My hands just got healed and my back is being healed as I speak. The Holy Ghost gave me an adjustment. My arms were uneven and he adjusted them, and one leg was shorter than the other, meaning my back was out of alignment and it grew out even to the other one, adjusting my back. I have the wonderful presence of God all over me and I give all the glory to God, the precious lover of my soul. Thank you for letting him use you, Roger!

Rachel from England.......  here is a testimony! I had bad hand pain, and Roger prayed for me, and I felt the pain slide out of my hands!! There's no pain or stiffness any more!! wow!! Also my head went really hot!! praise God!!

Peggy .... Roger, Jesus just healed my swollen hurting knee as you prayed in the chat room!! GLORY!! I've been in pain all day and it's gone! All gone! and no more swelling either! Glory to the king!! Jesus!!

Rob... this bloke is pretty cool! He just prayed for me on Facebook chat and my fingers had been sore for a few weeks and now the pain has gone! I'm in Northern Ireland so the anointing traveled a good few thousand miles! WOW

Tiffany..... Roger prayed for me over Facebook chat and my voice became crystal had been very raspy making it difficult for me to sing as a worship leader. PRAISE GOD!! He is moving on fb!

Naomi .......  I'm HEALED!!!! I've had severe back pain now for four days and a bladder infection for over four months and THEY ARE GONE!!!!!! Roger Webb prayed with me and I felt the fire of God all over me, heat and tingling and everything is GONE!!!

Betty .......  Roger just prayed for me and the Holy Spirit came all over me, my feet needed healing and they started tingling and then it felt like they were being squeezed. I have had serious pain for over 3 years due to an injury, right now I am pain free in my feet and IT FEELS SO GREAT, THANK YOU JESUS, THANK YOU. HE IS SO AWESOME!!!!

Betty .........  Seriously, the Fire of God is on Roger, you should go on chat and have him pray for you, I am still under a healing annointing in my body, thank you Jesus!!

Deborah ..........  I asked for a touch and the Lord touched me!!! I needed a touch! Our house was struck by lightening tonight literally and I struck by the power of God!! Hallelujah!
Patti ...........  I met Roger in chat and he prayed for me. I was touched powerfully by God. I started getting "Holy Spirit crunches" in my body. I felt God's joy washing over me. I started to laugh. I felt encouraged. I felt God's presence upon me strongly. It was awesome!!!

Maureen........I agree. I was on the floor after Roger imparted more of God's fire on me!!! It is a fresh fire.. It really is happening.

Tim ......... I was skeptical. Not about Jesus being a healer, or about revival. Just about it being on facebook. I had a lot of severe headaches the past six months and have had a cat scan, mri, eeg, blood test, and ultra sound of my head and neck. I'm due for the diagnosis in 2 weeks from all these tests. As Roger and me prayed together, I felt definate improvement almost immediately and now I have no pain! Thank you Lord!

Deborah ........... It is for real. I didn't know that God was healing in the FB chat room either until I entered into prayer with Roger. There is a strong, Holy, Glory anointing and the Power of God is present to heal. ...not only the chat room either. As I was commenting on Roger's wall the anointing hit me for no reason and my hands began to burn. I wrote down... Read More, "My hands are burning. I wonder why?" Someone responded to that and got the Joy of the Lord. I don't understand any of this except as two or more gather in Jesus' Name... HE IS THERE! ...and miracles are breaking loose!


Brian ..... Roger prayed over my back and used his spiritual gifts that God gave him just as it says in 1 Peter 4:10. My back pain started going away when I got up and moved, then my back started making a crackling noise. After a couple of minutes my sharp back pain was healed, GLORY...Thank you Jesus....signs, wonders, healing, fire, anointing....wooohoooo!!!! I challenge everyone to consider donating to Roger's ministry at, as it is sowing a seed. It is a biblical pricipal and when you do it, speak over it, and it will be blessed, God will bless it and you will have favor in your life physically, financially, spiritually, but you have to take a step of faith just like Joshua did at the walls of Jericho. I am blessed, and give glory to God amen.....woooohooo!!!! :-) Anointing fell on me tonight here on facebook....GLORY!!!!!

Margaret..... (Facebook) Whoa, must be the night the Lord is touching ears, sinuses, gums, teeth! Even while praying with roger, it was done! first time in years i am breathing thru both nostrils! Glory to God!

Christina.... (Facebook) Roger was praying with me and we were praising God together and the pain I had in my ear down to my lungs disappeared! Hallelujah! God is good and He still does miracles!

Debbie.... (Facebook) I want to testify of the healing power of the Lord. My whole life I have suffered w/ migranes, nausea, dizziness, sinus when a pressure front is moving through. I live in South Alabama, so that is quite often. Yesterday I woke up at 4:00 a.m. sick, b/c a pressure front was moving through. I got on Facebook and asked Roger to pray for me. He immediately did. I began to feel the power of God working. Throughout the day I became better and better. Today, I am 100% and we still have a pressure front moving through. This front is worse than yesterday, but I am completely healed and whole in Jesus's name. Glory to God! Glory!

Yolanda.... (Facebook) Anyone need prayer give Roger a shout out - He is faithful and wants to see the Kingdom here now - He just took the time to pray for me on Facebook and I have my voice back - I sounded like Kermit the Frog - was experiencing pain in my knee - no pain. Thanks Roger Blessings to you ;-)

Ashley.... Hi Roger, this is Ashley--Larry Silverman's youngest. I wanted to let you know that Tyler my son has been healed of asthma!!! You prayed for him over a webcast and he has been perfect ever since! Even during allergy season! Tyler gets to celebrate his 3rd birthday asthma free!! Isn't He great?! It's been I think about a month maybe more, no meds. no nebulizer, nothing... He has been fully restored!

Sherry.... Roger, you were at our church the end of last August and prayed for a couple that wanted to have a baby. SELAH RENEE BIEHL was born several days ago!

Jackie.... my feet, 1 in particular had awful fallen arches. both inner and outer sides of feet My walking (pronation) was affected my one foot was so sore I would jump sky high when my husband massaged or twisted it although twisting was what brought the bones back in proper positioning I would ask him to "twist" my foot because it "hurt so good "if you can understand that. but it was a temp fix. What I really needed were costly orthotics and orthopedic shoes ( too young for gramma shoes!) Being a hairdresser my foot was so awfully sore and tired I coulnt take it to make a long story short Jesus through Roger Webb HEALED my foot no longer sore & the actual bone has changed position. there is no longer that feeling as though my foot is taking a constant "pummeling" Praise Jesus Name! Keep up your kingdom work Roger! Jackie, nbf Hernando, FL

Padge ......(Facebook) A few weeks ago, you prayed for my knees on Facebook, couldn't walk hardly without them hurting... don't hurt at all anymore!

Deborah ...... I had a cold sore in the corner of my mouth! Roger Webb just prayed for me on FB and the pain and soreness is gone!!! Hallelujah for God's healing power!!

Mental illness instantly set free

This young woman was instantly set free. To watch the short powerful video of testimony
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The testimonies Keep coming in!

Smiley............ My daughter Emily before last night was having a hard time falling a sleep. I put her to bed at 9:00pm and she was crying because she wanted to sleep but could not.. she finally fell asleep at 2:00am that night. WELL last night Roger prayed for a good night sleep, and Emily fell asleep as soon as she layed down. and slept like a baby all night. She said she has not slept so good. Glory to God!!!!

Hi Roger,

I tried to keep notes of the miracles that happened tonight. There were 4 people who had knee pain resolved. Tyler has his asthma attacked stopped and went to bed without a nebulizer treatment. There were 3 dental miracles all of them tooth aches. Someone from the UK lung capacity went from 50 to 300. Ann came back had her gum pain taken away yesterday. Tammy was unable to move was able to move and walk through the house. Jubal's bronchitis was improved and he can breathe again. Woman had her knee pain that she had for a couple of weeks taken away. Another woman had her weakness, faintness and stomach ache taken away. There were four people smelling oil.

It was an incredible night.



Fran........ Roger was in chat this afternoon and a monday night on line web prayer, prayed for my finances- taxes due on property and needing a car. I got a call a few hours later from our chat today with a check being mailed that will cover taxes! fast work! thank You Father! bless you roger for your faithfulness.

Tammy....... Hi Roger, just wanted to thank you for tonight and witness to others about my healing. I have been fighting a battle with my health. I had lupus, but have been claiming my healing for months now. About a week ago I started having fatigue so bad that I was in bed most of the time, and thats not me. Then I started having severe pain all over, couldn't sleep at night for the pain. I had been swelling all over and was in really severe pain. I have been seeking God and asking for healing. Then tonight on Ustream on your webcast, I asked for prayer. I had such bad pain that I could barely walk. You all prayed and now I have no pain. I felt heat all over and the presence of God. I walked through the house with no pain whatsoever. We serve an awesome and holy God who is so faithful. Thanks for obeying Him. God is going to bless you beyond measure for your faithfulness to Him. Thank you and God bless you and your church. Much love and prayers........... Roger, I also had a knee that the cartlidge tore in it a couple of weeks ago. It was very painful. I could not touch it, had to have it raised up a lot to ease the pain some. It was keeping me awake at night because of the pain. Guess what, there is absolutely NO PAIN AT ALL in my knee now. Glory be to God!!!

Sherry......... God touched me powerfully on the Ustream tonight with heat, laughter, etc. Praise God! Check it out Friday night... for healing or to receive more of God's presence.

Muriel......... Just wanted to share: I got on Ustream last night. . . :) and . . I have had bronchitis for almost a week now. It's very painful when my lungs get sore and irritated. However, you prayed for me one-on-one on Facebook, and again last night on Ustream.

First, I slept for over 4 hours at one stretch last night! That's great for me! I can't tell you how good it feels to sleep "all at once" like that!

Secondly, it's almost 1 pm and I have had very little coughing today at work. This is amazing! I feel so good!!!!!

Thank you Lord, for healing me! Thank you for such a dramatic difference in my coughing and how my lungs feel - in just one day! Oh, You love us so much! Thanks, Daddy!

Bless you, Roger in all that you do. Bless your wife, as well, in every way.


More Facebook Miracles

Here are some of the miracles that have taken place on Facebook at Online Friends while praying for people in the chat.

If you need a miracle please get with me anytime you see me online on Facebook. If we are not Facebook Friends it is very simple to join and become one of my Freinds. Go to my "Home Page" here on my web site and click where it says " Join Me On Facebook"

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Be Blessed as you read!

Nothing is too hard for God. Roger prayed for me night before last. This morning was the first morning I didn't wake up in outrageous pain physically. I meant to come here sooner .......better late than never:) Nothing NOTHING is too hard for the star breather, the creator, the One who calls each of the billions of stars by name and numbers the hairs on our heads. Praise you Jesus for your awesome love.
Praising God for all the healings taking place in a way as never before.

I thank God that He has healed me! I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I was hurting so bad. But ever since you prayed for me I kept getting better and better! The amazing thing is that after sitting for a long time I don't hurt as bad when I get up. The pain is not as bad and I feel the healing touch of Jesus everyday. Thank you brother for praying for me!! Thank you Jesus for healing me!!!

Lindsay...... Thank you for praying! Praise report! Garrett saw the Dr and he doesn't have a torn rotator cuff that they saw in the ER! He is in an immoblizer for 3 weeks to help the healing process, but there is no reason he needs surgery anymore! Praise the Lord!

Debra..... Roger prayed for my mother who broke her wrist and as we came into agreement with her about the pain and her shoulder, her pain left and she was feeling peace. Praise God! Blessings brother. This dear mother broke her wrist Saturady night 3 days ago!

Maureen ....... Hey Roger---much improved!!!! No more chest pain!!! Thank you LORD!

Randy... My grandson is home and doing very well.Thank you for praying with me on the phone last week

Fran..... Roger, you prayed for me on chat a few days ago on FB for my right shoulder. yesterday I did my own weed whacking- new thing for me! and learned and did power wash some large areas. was pain in my shoulder that kept me from doing such. the day after you prayed I shoveled a load of construction material off a flat bed trailor. there is some pain, but not more than when I do no heavy work. healing is progressive in this case. Thank You Jesus!

Fran....... give me a report! testimonies. last week my right shoulder healed to place to function well. Thank You Jesus! and roger to pray on line

Roger--wanted to report in after our prayer time online yesterday. My shoulder is much improved. The details for the record--left shoulder--rotator cuff--torn twice without repair. Last injury in December. Much swelling and increasing pain over the last 2 months. Sleeping in a chair to get any sleep. Slept like a baby last night. Pain at a 2 this morning. Usually a 7 or 8. I've been walking in God's presence for 24 hours. Deeper revelation, deeper sense of God's love and the fullness of His work on the Cross. I am on fire! GLORY!!!!!!!!!! I'm praying into the meetings at MDCC. Come Lord with your Glory!

Hi Roger...when I watched on Sunday, I didn't "feel" anything come through the PC....but got very tired and went to bed...slept SOOOOO deep and awoke Mon. more refreshed than I have in months and months...and the atmosphere in the house was different...peace peace and more peace...turns out plenty came through the PC...Can't base everything on feelings can we?

Sherrie............ mother has been in ICU almost 5 weeks...after prayers and heart to heart communication...just last night..I am thrilled to report a phone call came this morning stating they are moving mom from ICU to a Specialty Care steps yes....But God is moving...I am at a loss for words...but want to give God the Glory...and a special thank you to Mr Webb...( Roger ) :0)....Sherrie Akron,OH

Catrise........... Update! You prayed for my finances and business ventures and a new door of opportunity just opened wide for me! Praise God!

Irene......... my ankle really hurt and I could not move it, then roger prayed for it and I can move it now!

Sherry ...... Last night my daughter, Kristan, who had celiac disease, accidently ate something with a little bit of wheat in it. She got very sick with stomach and severe joint pain. When Roger prayed for her online, every bit of pain left! Praise God!

Carol ..... Roger just prayed for my friend Sophia, the power came through the PC and then through the phone when I phoned her with his prayer for her. She was poisoned by bug spray last Friday and in bad shape. The Holy Spirit was so strong she could barely stand up, her body feels healed, she began laughing, praising God, and jumping up and down in the Glory ...and by the time we hung up..she felt completely healed! Praise the Lord! She says thank you thank you thank you Lord Jesus!

Rosann ..... Praise the Lord. My neck had been hurting for three days. Roger prayed for me tonight and all the pain and stiffness is gone. I can move my head and not be in pain.

Roger, you prayed for us tonight over the phone and God gave you a word of knowledge about Lisa having foot pain. In fact she had severe foot pain in the arch of her foot that had been very tender for several years. As soon as you prayed the pain left! Thank you Roger...thank YOU JESUS!


Thank you for praying for me in chat last night. Slept like a baby. That's what you'd prayed. Also, my neck and whole head kept going snap, crackle, pop for about an hour before I slept after you'd prayed for the pain to leave my head (from migraines). More crackling is continuing to happen in my head. God is definitely already with you as you go to Cleveland. Mega-blessings upon you there and always. With His love, Ann

I have a terrible toothache, could use some prayer please. :(

Saints, the pain has disappeared!! God is great and cares for His own! :)

I just want to tell my testimony also. I have been wrecked with pain for a long time. Brother Roger prayed over me and I feel NO PAIN whatsoever. I had arthritis but I am healed in Jesus name! Thank you Jesus!! Glory Hallelujah!!!

Praise report: I couldn't make his meeting this weekend so I asked him for impartation through chat and the power of God came all over me. I felt it resting on my chest and flowing through my arms and legs! THANK YOU JESUS!!!

i just want to tell my testemonies ,as I login brother Roger webb was asking if someone needed to be prayed for and I had very bad head heck and he prayed for me once I started to feel better then I send him a message to thank him for praying for me. Then he ask me if the head ache was totaly gone I said no is not totaly gone, so he started to prayed again for me and sudenly all the pain WAS ALL GONE I GIVE ALL THE GLORY TO OUR LORD JESUS FOR HIS GRACE .
I just wanna let you guys know that the bible said WHEN 2 OR MORE AGREE ANY THING WE LOOSE ON EARTH IT LOOSE ON HEAVEN GLOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYY MY HEAD IS FEEL WONDERFULL. And I thank my broter Roger webb for his obedience the the Holy spirit ,thank you my broter may the Lord keep use you mightly in this last days we are living.

I have had a problem with my ankle for a short while, maybe over a month. It would hurt when I ran and in the time I would endure it. Roger Prayed for me and "ONLINE" and the Power of God moved!! I was school working in the lab when I received my healing, Amen. My ankle started popping as i was jumping in the room (first time it ever ... Read Moredone that). Most of the pain went away; me nor Roger of the Holy Spirit gave up!! The pain is gone and now my foot feels like its adjusting to the healing.

This morning I woke up and had bad muscle pain in my left leg, and some grinding in my left knee. When I got to work, I was on Facebook and saw Roger Webb had posted some testimonies and was praying for people over Facebook. I was getting so excited to hear the testimonies and asked for prayer for my leg.

When the chat window opened I felt my faith rising. I could already feel the muscle pain leaving. Then he started praying and I felt the pain quickly dissipate. I put my hands on the areas that hurt the most and before I knew it, the pain was gone and a minute later the grinding was gone and it began to feel normal, like my right knee felt. I suddenly began to feel hot, like I was burning up. I took off my jacket and was still burning up! My hands felt hot and almost numb, but it's still continuing-- my face feels flushed, and I feel hot all over!

Roger, my tooth is still feeling fine.

My Name is James A Cardin:
In 2008 I was involved in an accident that damaged my Back (2) Lumbar areas. I was (previously) Certified as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Emergency Medical Technician, also with the local Fire Department, and Ambulance Squad>

On April 16th 2009
I happen along to find someone named Roger Webb on Face book, who had as a (Heading) DO YOU NEED A MIRACLE?
We started to chat, and Roger prayed for me.

I felt the anointing flow like warm thick honey (or) oil from the top of my head down my body. (Mind you now I have been living in a pain range of about 6-8 "on a level of 1 to 10.

I immediately had NO PAIN!

I have been healed (previously) of a crushed knee I sustained in Vietnam, so I already knew God would do it again.

For any skeptics...

I have been in ministry over 25 years, I have been in the Pastorate, I have Two Awards from the White House "Call to service Awards", (for over 10,000 Hours of Service), I am the Chaplain at Both the Fire Department, and the county Jail.


Miracle Report
Fowlerville Michigan
Palce of Refuge Ministries
March 1

Check out number 31 of woman after 30 years could run and stomp her feet!

1. A 9 year old girl born unable to breathe through her nose!

A 9-10 year old girl from birth has not been able to breathe through her nose. I asked the Lord to open her nose then all of a sudden she said “ I can breathe though my nose! I can breathe through my nose! She stood up showing everyone how she can now breathe. She then said that because of this she has not been able to taste since birth as well. I then asked the Lord to give her taste buds. I asked if anyone had something very low in odor to bring it up here so we can test her smell out. As she smelled a joyfull expression came upon her face and smiled and said “I can smell”. People keep bring things up for her to smell. This was confirmed by her parents as they stood there beside her.

2. Man had his hand cut off!

A man that had had his hand amputated at the wrist in 2006 the doctors were able to sow it back on but it left his hand with numbness. I prayed for him all of a sudden all the feeling returned back into his hand. While he was standing there telling the crowd how he now has the feeling back I reached down and pinched his skin and he quickly pulled his hand back because he FELT it!!! As he was standing there instantly he was healed of a neck condition as well. There he stood with an excited look on his face with a pain free neck and feeling in his hand.

3. Woman w/right side leg, hip & back pain, the power of God came on her then all of a suden all the pain left her body.

4. Woman w/ cancer comes forward, I lay hands on her, suddenly the peace of God comes on her then all of a sudden the power of God hits her then she begins to shake. The pain where she has the cancer leaves her chest. She shook under the power of God for about 20 - 30 minutes.

5. Woman -I lay hands on her, the power of hits her all pain leaves her back.

6. Jackie - after prayer her bones start popping and feeling a clicking taking place in her neck, then all of a sudden all pain leaves.

7. Rose - has pain in shoulders, I lay hands on her then all of a sudden she felt a clicking taking place in her shoulder then all the pain disapears!

8. Kim - felt tingling in her body and heat in her back. She has been in pain all the time. All of a sudden her back started to crack and pop, then instantly all the pain was gone!

9. Bobbie - back sore and rheumatoid arthritis, after prayer all the pain just left! On top of that! she was instantly healed of her knee condition as well. She did not even ask for prayer for her knee. When the power of God hit her He took care of it all.

10. Joyce - has been having blackouts. As soon as I prayed for her she began feeling the peace of the Lord. Then strength came into her and was able to walk without being wobbly" She was so excited!

11. Patt - rheumatoid arthritis - The power fof God began to touch her as she was sitting in her seat. She came forward and testified that she can now clap her hands without any pain what soever. Flexibility came into her hands and was able to clap without any pain, As she was demonstrating to the crowd how she can now clap, the power of God came on her again and suddenly she was instantly healed of a neck condition. What a surprise to her how the miracles are so easy.

12. Jeanette - lots of stuff going on in her body with physical pain as well. Began to feel waves of the Holy Spirit moving thru her body.

13. Amber - ulcerative diverticulitis - felt power of God in her stomach..... WOW!

14. Man with intestional pain and back pain ...... It just left!

15. Roger called Pam out of her seat. She testified that earlier that morning she wrote some things down and in her prayer to the Lord, she said she wasn't asking for prayer; however, if God called her out of her seat, she would go up.

16. Woman came forward for prayer, power of God came on her, arthritis pain left her body, instantly healed of carpel tunnel, knee pain and a large lump on her back started shrinking.

17. Leg pain instantly healed!

18. A woman w/emotional trauma since childhood - It all left!

19. Woman with back pain healed!

20. Woman who just had her back adjusted was praying that it would stay adjusted so she wouldn't have to have it done again. Right then and there the power of God came on her and HE supernaturally adjusted her back! You could hear her back being adjusted!

21. Man w/ chronic back pain began to feel tingling all over. All pain left standing right there as I prayed for him.

22. John - chronic back pain since he was 18 was healed while standing in line waiting to be prayed for!

23. Man w/ neck & lower back pain was a little sore but always is the worst when he's trying to sleep - stated he "feels the lory of God on him” When I prayed for him the Glory of God came upon him and now the rest is history!

24. Woman wants spiritual, emotional & physical healing all over. I pray for her, right then the power of God came on her ...... well I guess you can know by now what happen to her by all these other testimonies..... It all left!

25. Man w/lower back pain was getting better but still was in pain.All of a sudden he felt like God was inside him. His back was still bothering him but he had a one-on-one encounter w/ the Lord. Later in the day at the next service he accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour..... over the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26. Other miracles were taking place during this service that was not written down. To many miracles to keep track!

27. Jim - knee, hand and back pain HEALED!!!

*3/1 Evening service*

28. Carol B. jump out of her seat runs forward while I am speaking with this very excited look on her face and testified that she just realized God healed her mouth from this morning's prayer for a dental miracle. She had pain and was not able to chew on the right side of her mouth, but now she can chew on that side of her mouth with NO PAIN!

29. Woman healed from arthritis

30. Jesse A. - foot pain healed!!!!!!! Took off Running and jumping around the church.

31. Doctors told her she would NEVER be able to do this!

Woman had not been able to stomp her feet for 30 years and was not supposed to be able to run…but she did!!!!!!!!!!!!

This woman had a surgery 30 years ago. 75% of the people who has had this type of surgery did not survive from it. Then those who did survive the surgery would not be able to walk properly and not be able to lift there legs. During the service while I was preaching and she was sitting in her seat the power of God came on her, it surged though her legs and feet. She started lifting her legs and stomping her feet. She got up out of her seat and walked around stomping her feet and came forward and keep saying, YOU DON"T UNDERSTAND! YOU DON"T UNDERSTAND!, the doctors told me that I will never be able to do this. She walked all around showing everyone what the Doctors told her she would never be able to do!

32. Pat - neck healed

33. Sandy - spine & foot pain healed

34. Lady w/arthritis for many years - in one hand & fingers , suddenly they got freed up!!

35. Man w/arthritis - the pain left

36. A woman with arthritis, who someone called her on the phone during the service, I prayed for her over the phone, and all the pain instantly left!!!!!!

37. Jeanette felt her spine popping when Roger was praying for her....... WOW!

38. Woman w/low back pain - felt the hand of the Lord her on the back, then all the pain went away!

39. Elderly man - felt the joy of the Lord come upon him.

40. Woman was on a walker due to severe arthritis and aneurism was able to move her legs because they were limbering up. She was able to move one of them under the chair she was sitting in, she couldn't do that before!

41. Diane. - back started feeling better and had better movement. The pain left & the neck pain was loosening up.

42. Woman w/gout had shooting pains - started feeling better!

43. Woman w/ hand pain had no feeling in it, feeling returned.

44. Young girl that is bipolar - doesn't feel sad anymore!

45. Woman w/mental illness delievered!

46. Diane. - bipolar - felt the Lord heal her mind and all her depression left!

47. Woman w/cancer - sides hurt, breathing in the Lord & believing He told her He's healing her. Started feeling the power of the Holy Spirit going thru her every time she would breathe.

48. Shannon - endometriosis, leg pain. Leg pain LEFT!

49. Man w/ back pain feels better. Roger had the kids pray for him. His elbow was hurting & the Lord took the pain away!

50. Todd . - fell several years ago & broke his back. He was was instantly healed!!!!!!!

51. Man w/knee problems & arthritis healed

52. Austin left knee pain.......... GONE!

53. Woman w/cancer - stated God has been healing her. She was slain in the spirit

54. Man w/pins in ankle from break - was walking better after prayer

55. Man w/ back pain - instandly healed!!!

56. Man w/neck & back pain - HEALED AS WELL!!!

Miracle Report
Cleveland Ohio
Feb 20-21-22

1. Woman with a grapefruit-sized tumor and pain in stomach area - tumor instantly disappeared, all pain left, and swelling went down.

2. Woman who was assaulted had a fractured cheek bone and pain in her neck and shoulder - after I prayed for her all of a sudden she had this excited look on her face and said “IT’S GONE”. All the pain instantly left!

3. Two people saw rain inside the building

4. Woman came to the service Sunday night. The week before she had a stroke. Just got out of the hospital the day before (Saturday). Someone told her about the services and that she needed to be at the service. The stroke had left her arm paralized. I prayed for her and she said look I can wiggle my little finger. Then she could open and close her hand. She was excited that she could open and close her fist. I asked her if there was anything else I could pray for. She said she had a motorcycle accident 25 years ago and that she has been in constant pain all those years. I asked her if she was in pain right now. Then she got a wild look on her face and started saying ......... It’s gone, all the pain is gone. I asked her to walk up and down the steps, she did and came back and said, there is a little catch still left in her one knee. I told her to go up the steps again, she did and came back and said the same thing, a little catch in her left knee. I told her to do it again, as she ran down the steps all of a sudden her knee did a VERY loud crack! The whole church heard it and she started yelling, IT’S GONE.... IT”S GONE. The crowd starting saying to each other... Did you hear that, Did you hear that. The woman started jumping around and hopping on one foot then the other. She keep telling every one. THIS IS REAL! THIS IS REAL!

5. Tendonitis healed

6. Young girl about 11 years old had asthma so bad she was on a breathing machine. During prayer she felt the heaviness leaving until it was all gone. The mother brought her back the next night to testify and she no longer needs the machine. The young girl on the way home after church told the people at Mc Donalds that she was healed that night at church.

7. Woman with a non-working kidney felt heat in her back, and things moving around - the pain left and she was able to stand for a long period of time with no pain!

8. Others were healed as they stood in line for prayer.

9. Testimonies from people in the service that friends were healed in last month’s meetings.

10. Woman with sinus problems - hadn't been able to breathe through her nose for seven days - cleared up and she could breathe.

11. Man with sinus problems after prayer could breathe properly. Had this condtion for years.

12. Deteriorated disc healed - no pain

13. Sprained rotator cuff healed

14. Person who had had hip surgery that did not heal, felt heat in hip area pain left and felt great

15. Deterioration of lower back and hips healed - heard popping sounds and all pain left.

16. Young man received the baptism of the Holy Spirit

17. Lower back pain gone

18. Pain in back and side - pain instantly left

19. Tendonitis healed

20. Pain in arm to thumb - pain left

21. Young boy with a headache for a week - it left

22. Woman with long-term neck pain - pain left

23. Woman who could not taste anything for years - when prayed for fell to ground, when she got up, she was given a mint and when it hit her mouth she said "Mmmm" The crowd like that one. She got her taste buds back, had big smile on her face the rest of the service

24. Woman in pain throughout her entire body since the age of 20 was totally healed - all pain left.

25. Headache for 4 days - healed

26. Pain in ankle and arm healed

27. Heaviness from asthma disappears - could take a deep breath.

28. Woman had deafness in left ear because the nerve was dead, she has had this for many years- after prayer, could hear whispers

29. Pain in neck and back healed

30. Pain left mouth from a root canal

31. Knee healed

32. During worship a woman was healed of pain in the upper arm - she had been healed of shoulder pain in the January meetings!

33. Woman came to the service at the invitation of a neighbor. When Roger told her that the Lord was there to touch her, she said that she had been trying to find Him. She had pain from a back surgery and hysterectomy. When prayed for, the pain instantly left, her eyes got big as saucers and she prayed to receive the Lord as her Savior.

34. Woman needing knee surgery - after prayer, all pain left

35. Carpal tunnel and degeneration in knee - all pain left

36. Man with pain in knees healed - after prayer, could climb stairs

37. A woman came up with neck pain - she felt heat in the neck area and all pain left. The heat then moved to the stomach area. She began to cry and say, "IT IS DONE...... I FEEL LIKE MYSELF AGAIN!." Roger asked her daughter what that meant to her and she said, "I'm going to have a new baby brother or sister now."

38. A woman came for prayer for pain caused by a car accident. She said that if the scale of amount of pain was from 1-10, hers was a 9 1/2. The pain totally left. She had been going to pain management treatments with no help the pain has been so severe. She also had 3 vertebrates that formed a "shelf" on her back because they were out of place from an automobile accident a year ago. She could have placed a cup on the "shelf." Roger could feel them. After prayer, he moved his hand and told the catcher to feel the "shelf" by the time Roger removed his hand and the catcher reached to feel it, it was no longer there. The vertebrates had popped back into place. This woman got very excited!

39. Testimony from the November meeting, a man was set free from a nicotine addiction of 32 years. He has not smoked since November.

40. Constant pain in neck and shoulders - after prayer, the shoulder popped and the pain left.

41. Testimony from the night before meeting (Sat Feb 21) A woman with 22 years of pain received 5 healings - pain left, no symptoms from heart problems (no swelling in feet and legs), able to sleep after many years of insomnia, partial fillings in two teeth and received feeling in her left side after loss of feeling from a stroke 10 years ago.

42. Sinus problem healed - no nausea the next day

43. Man had a chicken bone loged in his neck. After I prayed for him he felt tingling and heat in that area of his neck. He swallowed then the chicken bone disappeared and all the pain left

44. Testimony I just got today in an email from a man that was in the meetings. He asked me to pray that he would stop snoring here is what the email said................ Praise God Almighty, I don't snore anymore! My wife loves it. I actually wake up refreshed.

45. Woman with asthma after prayer felt the power of God in her chest. And said that she could feel inside of her lungs stuff dripping out of them, it kept dripping until it all left. She could then breath without restrictions.

46. Man with cancer through out his body. After I prayed for him, heat started going though his body then was slain in the Spirit. He testified the longer he laided there the better he felt!

There were more miracles that took place for it is so hard to get all that is happening when the power of God hits the place!

I will be retunring to Cleveland March 20-22

Doctor gets impartation then miracles bust loose at office

Letter from Dr.

Hi Roger,

My name is --------, the Podiatrist. We meet at your revival meetings at Willow Praise in Cleveland, Ohio. It was a wonderful encounter with our Mighty God.

The reason I am emailing you is regarding the last night of the revival. You prayed and laid hands on me the last night and prayed that the Lord would provide a double anointing to lay hands on the sick in my office and they would recover.

I believe it was the next day when a lady came in with a heel fracture diagnosed in the ER the week before and was coming in for follow up fracture care. Her and her husband last their jobs a few months back and she had a job in a nursing home requiring her to work on her feet. With her fracture it would take 4-6 weeks before returning to work. I felt compassion for her and did not have any good answers. So we prayed that Jesus would heal her. A few minutes later, the pain started to dissipate, later the swelling and brusing started to go away. The lump of the fracture dissappeared and we both sat amazed at God's powerful healing taking place. I then against man's wisdom told her to go back to work a few days later on Wednesday.

Since that first healing, the Lord has increased His anointing and is now healing 1-3 people nearly every day at work. I am in utter amazement at the powerful hand of our Lord and Saviour Jesus. Of course, I do not charge the patient or insurance company for the Lord's healing.

I want to thank the Lord for your ministry and the wonderful way God has anointed you for service. May the Lord continue to richly bless you.

Fowlerville, Michigan
Jan 9-11, 2009

47 miracles the first service!

The Fowlerville meetings were very powerful to say the least. The pastor had one of his members to keep a record of what was going to take place during the service. At the end of the meeting the woman told the church she had 6 pages of miracles that took place that night! The weather was very bad. Snow covered roads that weekend keep may people from driving to the meetings. But still there were at least 100 people in that service Friday night. Over the weekend there were many more miracles that took place. There is no way that I can list all of them on this site so I will only tell you about two.

Mental illness

The first night I asked if there was anyone who wanted a miracle. The very first person was a young woman. She jump up out of her seat and ran forward. I laid hands on her, the power of God hit her and she hit the floor laughing and kicking her feet up in the air. She keep this up and hollered and laughed and laughed. She then jumped to her feet and started yelling and running in place then she looked at me and said " I can look at you in the eyes, your the first person I have been able to look in the eyes for years". The place went wild!

What I did not know, this is the daughter of the co-pastors of this church. Come to find out that for years she had been in and out of mental insitutions and all of what she has been though has been a living hell for the family. They were at their witts end with this situation.

This young lady in the matter of a minute or two, coming into contact with the raw power of God, was totally set free of years of mental anguish. She had driven over an hour to come to the meetings wanting to be set free. Sunday morning she returned and asked me if I would pray that she would be set free of all her medications. The doctors had but her on so much medication that when they up the dosage the pharmacist would not fill her prescriptions because they said it would kill her. After I flew back home on Tuesday the pastor called me to tell me that his co-pastors called to tell him that their daughter called to say that she is off all her medications. The daughter and family had received a true blue miracle from heaven...... GLORY!

Teenage girl set free from demons!

The second miracle I want to tell you came on Sunday night. This young lady came to the meetings having to be carried into the service. The night before she was driving home when all of a sudden her body locked up on her and her body was suddenly racked with pain. She was able to pull over to the side of the road and called her parents to come and get her. They took her to the emergency room only to find out that they could not find anything wrong with her.

When they brought her up to me I asked what was wrong. When they told me this story I knew that an evil spirit was behind this and that I was to cast it out. I grabbed her in my arms and when I did, with force she slide through my arms and collapsed into to the floor and layed there as if she was dead. I commanded the spirit to leave and 4 devils came out of her. After she was delivered I took her by the hands and lifted her up and she walked all around the church perfectly normal and laughing. Of course after she was delivered I lead her to the Lord. When she left the church she was seen walking normal and laughing.

After I returned home the woman who was keeping track of the miracles that took place emailed me 91 different miracles that she wrote down. Keep in mind these where the ones that took place in front of everyone. Who knows how many people received a healing the next day after I prayed for them or even days after hands where laid upon them or those whom was healed while sitting in their seats and never said a word. I have found that happens many times in my services.

I will be returning to Fowlerville March 1-3 and will stay until God says leave!

Cleveland, Ohio

We had a wild time in Cleveland, Ohio with many wonderful miracles! The meetings were explosive as well. One woman healed in her back started doing cartwheels in front of the church. Others joined in and started doing cartwheels as well. One man jumped over the communion table and took off running and jumped over chairs. Others took off running around the building as well. It got Holy Ghost wild!

There were so many amazing miracles that took place during these three nights of services. I lose track as the miracles start busting loose. I know I am leaving out so many in this post but I want to share a few.
Cleveland Update 12-15-08
Woman just got great news from her Dr. this week. The tumors in her head and back have disappeared. Also woman with 5 year back pain completely healed.

One woman came out of her wheelchair. The last night of the meetings she gave testimony of how she was so grateful to be able to stand and worship. When this miracle took place the pastor of the church broke down and started crying because he knows her and her condition! She is now a new person!

Tom - Healed of 4 things then gave is cane away and was able to walk normally - Doctors cannot explain it!

Tammy - Got feeling back in her whole right side of her body that happened two years ago due to a stroke.

Tammy's boyfriend Fred, had a Catholic background and was open to healing ministry and received a healing in his shoulder. Tammy's son witnessed the miracle along with a friend he invited and both said that they were amazed at what the Lord did, and commented that his mom's healing was a miracle.

Rose - Healed of server back pain and arthritis in both knees.

Tracy - Healed of Carpel Tunnel.

Alicia - Had tumors in her uterus and bladder declared CANCER FREE by her doctors.

Patrick - Healed of shoulder injury.

Vania - Received prayer for hip injury and was healed.

Andy - Had rotary socket replaced and could not lift his arm past shoulder and received prayer and now has full range of motion.... He is healed!

Woman injured in an automible accident two years ago, steel rods in her legs, after prayer the power of God hits her, all pain leaves her body and gets a wild look in her eyes as she realizes she's healed.

Young man born with bow legs, after prayer, his legs start comming together. He also has rare blood disease and felt the power of God going through his veins.

These were just a few of the wondeful miracles that took place!


We have had three that I can think of that has been delivered from fibromyalgia this summer alone. In the state of Michigan and Ohio.

Severe Intestinal Issues

Young lady writes:
I'm almost 19 years old and I had severe intestinal issues. After prayer my belly got really hot. That night it was like infection just left my body. It has been over two years since I've eaten anything besides saltines and rice. NOW I CAN EAT! I still stay away from "greasy foods". Through God's power my life has been drastically changed. Words cannot describe the kind of impact that this has had on me.

Migrain Headaches Healed

There has been many with migrain headaches healed. One man came to service that has had a continual migrain for 1 1/2 year. After prayer the next day it dawns upon him that his headache is gone! One woman after prayer her headache leaves, she goes back to her Nuerologist, he takes her off the medcation she was on for the migrains. There has been many others that after prayer their headaches leave not to return, MANY!

Sinus Conditions

Many with sinus conditions instantly healed!

Three cases of shingles

We have had 3 cases of shingles healed this summer.

1. Woman with shingles in her eyes for 1 1/2 years. After prayer the pain left and was able to stare at a bright light.

2. Woman with painful shingles with blisters around her lower back. As she enters the church building all pain leaves instantly. She goes to the bathroom and looks in the mirror and the blisters have dried up as well. She shows her husband and he is in shock as he looks at her back.

3. Woman with re-occuring shingles. After prayer the pain leaves. The next day they try to return. Through the Word of God she refuses them by quoting "By His stripes I am healed". The pain leaves and does not return.

Children and teenagers moving in the miracle anointing!

I am collecting some very powerful testimonies from parents of children that have been touched during my meetings and now are moving in the miracle anointing. These range from 8-15 year olds. They have seen blind eyes open, bodies full of arthritis instantly healed, deaf ears opening and the whole 9 yards. Please keep checking back for these testimonies you will be richly blessed!

I use these children and teenagers in my revival meetings to pray for the impossible to take place. And it happens! When they lay hands on the sick, diseased, and afflicted, the power of God is released and mighty miracles take place. GLORY!

Jack from Winsor Ontario

Roger, during your crusade in Flint Michigan, I received healing from whiplash from a car accident a week previous. I attended your meeting on Wednesday night and experienced 50% healing in my neck and on Friday night received the other 50%. Why it took 2 meetings, God ony knows. The most wonderful came Saturday night when God healed my feet. I had been suffering from Planters Fascitis for several years and on the way up all the way from home in Canada one foot was burning fiercly with pain. When I got to your meeting, I had to take my shoes off to get some relief.

After a few songs were sung, you took the mic and instead of preaching you told all of us to ask God for what we wanted. Of course I asked Him to heal my feet. You went on to bring words of knowledge to many people and they were healed, all the while I cried out to God for my foot to be healed. After about a half hour you finally called out "Foot". My hand shot up like a rocket and you called me to come up front. Still in my sock feet, I went forward and somewhere during that short walk all the pain left and when you put your hand on my foot it became warm and then I knew that God healed me and to this day my feet remain healed (plus my neck). Praise God!

Jacks healings and miracles took place the week of July 14th, 2008 this testimony was given to me today Sept 4 2008.

13 Jefferson Ohio Miracle Reports

1. Debi
I received prayer for my back. For years when I got into the presence of God my back would lock up. Roger prayed for my back. I left the service it was still hurting but when I woke up the next morning the pain was gone. The next night when I got to the meeting my back started to lock up again but in the presence of God it was released and has been fine ever since.

2. Debbi
Had been having severe and constant headaches for several years. After prayer it totally went away and has not returned.

3. Pam
Had severe arthritis and fibromyalgia for many years. It was so bad that she could not stand to have a blanket touch her at night. After prayer the pain totally left and has not returned.

4. Pam's Aunt
Had spinal stenosis. Was in extreme pain. When prayed for, nothing immediately happened but the next day, she started recovering. Each day she reports less pain and as of now she only has mild discomfort.

5. A woman with arthritis was healed as she walked through the door of the church.

6. Peg
She had scoliosis with a lot of pain in her shoulder and hip area. When prayed for she heard things popping and felt her spinal cord twisting. The pain left and has not returned and the scoliosis is gone.

7. Lynn
Pain in legs and was healed as she drove home after the service.

8. Ben
When prayed for, he had a vision of going to heaven and entering a room called "joy and laughter".

9. Betty
(She attended the afternoon evangelism training and this is her testomony)
Several years ago she had a "Phillip style evangelism" encounter in which it resulted in a woman with a cancerous tumor instantly disappearing. This miracle was widley reported around the county. She had said that she had felt that God had put her on a shelf, but thorugh my ministry understood that she had not been pursuing it as she should have been. She felt that that anointing and desire in her has been reactivated. She has been a fireball ever since.

10. Londa
Was in a car accident and had jammed her arm and had many hematomas. The skin on her leg had been torn off and there were many holes left on her leg. When she came to the meeting she was in great pain and could not move her arm. She had been bandaging her leg which was bleeding and oozing. After prayer she immediately noticed a difference-she could lift her arm. The next morning, she could lift her arm above her head. Even more exciting, when her friend took the bandage off her leg, there was brand new pink skin.

11. JoAnn
She had pain and swelling in her right knee. After prayer the swelling went completely down. Later on, when I prayed for her for more of God, all the pain left. She also experienced the fire of God. Her left arm felt like it was on fire. Then she had a vision of the dead being raised when she prayed for them.

12. Jeff
Had hearing loss in both ears but when prayed for, felt as if he could hear perfectly. That night he put the dishwasher on as usual because he previously could not hear it running. However, that night, he could not sleep because the dishwasher was so loud.

13. Bill
After prayer for supernatural weight loss, woke up the next morning 8 pounds lighter.

6 broken vertbreys and in wheelchair since 1999 .... WALKS!

Flint Michigan July

I preached at a mission where they give food to the needy. I spoke for about 1 minute then started to pray for the sick and afflicted. There was a man there that has been in a wheelchair with 6 broken virtibreys since 1999. He has been in severe pain since 1999. When I layed my hands on him all the pain left his back and body and got up out of his wheelchair and walked and stood without any pain. He said this is the first time I have stood and walked this far without any pain since his accident in 99. Many others with pain and sickness in the bodies where instantly healed as well. It is just to hard to keep track of the many miracles I am seeing.

Two more gets out of wheelchairs!

Flint Michigan July

I spoke at 2 more missions where they give out food to the needy. When I prayed for the people there where deaf ears opening and many other sickness and diseased that where being instantly healed. One woman in a wheelchair had a brace on her knees. The brace made her leg stick straight out in a stiff position. I layed hands on her, she took off the brace and walked without any pain or stiffness. There was another woman that got out of her wheel chair, all the arthritis pain left her body. Many other miracles took place during these meetings. MANY!

So many miracles!

Flint Michigan July

I know this may sound like a broken record but I am seeing so many very powerful miracles taking place in my meetings to the point to where it is so hard to keep up with them. It sounds so repetative to keep listing all the miracles like, backs, knees, arms, hearts, sinus conditions, colds, sore throats, lungs, diabetes, high blood pressure,headaches, pain leaving bodies and such and many different ailments being healed, but this is the fact, GOD IS HEALING SO MANY IT IS HARD TO KEEP A RECORD! What a wonderful problem! GLORY!

47 years of pain GONE!

Flint Michigan July

A man came to the service for prayer. When he was 14 years old a drunk driver hit him while he was riding his bicycle. The car ripped his left hip and leg from his body. He died but was revived. For 47 years he has had constant pain as the result of the accident. Doctors had preformed surgeries and has been given many different medicines over the years with no relief of the pain he had in his body. After prayer for the first time in 47 years all the pain left.

GET OUT OF MY WAY she commanded me!

Flint Michigan July

There was an 81 year old woman who came forward for prayer that had to use a walker to get around. She could hardly walk even with the aid of her walker. As I touched her her leg it made a popping and cracking noise. She yelled out, DID YOU HEAR THAT! I said yes and asked her what was that? She looked at me with a look only an 81 year old grandmother could give and get away with and said "THAT WAS MY LEG"! She then said I want to walk without my walker. She could barely move an inch at a time and keep saying. DON'T LET ME FALL DOWN! DON'T LET ME FALL DOWN! It was all she could do not to fall down for she could hardly walk. I assured her that we would not let her fall down. She was very wobbly!

As she took little baby steps (which seemed like nothing was happening). She then said I want to walk down the isle! I helped her walk toward the isle, then all of a sudden she started to walk faster and faster. Then she stopped and said she wanted to take the brace off my leg. I stopped and she reached down and pulled her brace down to her ankle. She then continued to walk up the isle. With each step she keep saying, "Jesus only you and me know the pain that I have been through, only you and me know what I have been through!

As we got to the end of the isle (it was a long isle for the church seated 800) she turned around and said, "I want to walk faster". She then started to pick up speed. The whole time I am walking beside her. As we got to the front of the church she turned around and yelled out to me and said! GET OUT OF MY WAY! and jerked her arms away from me and took off walking faster up the isle without any pain or help from anyone. The church was roaring out with excitement and praises as this 81 year old grandma was giving out praises!

Fred Astaire dances in church!

This is an email from a pastor where I preached one Sunday morning in Oxford Michigan June 15, 2008

Just a note to let you know a week after you left, on a Sunday morning...... the guy you prayed for who had no feeling in his legs and could hardly move or walk at all came into the church dancing, and leaping praising God (He looked like Fred Astaire).

Ps. This man had not been able to walk properly for at least two years. (Diabetes related)

The last 30 days 100's of Miracles

There is no way that I can even begin to list the many miracles that I have seen in the last 30 days alone. There has been 100's. There has been people healed as they sit in the services. There has been people healed as they are driving to the meetings. There has been people healed as they enter the building where meetings are being held. Here is some of the things we have seen healed. Deaf ears, backs, COPD, legs, knees, dental miracles, TMJ, chronic headaches, lung conditions of all types, all types of arthritis conditions and stages, asthma, sinus conditions, hearts, necks, bones broken were all pain has left, eyes, shoulders, feet, hands, fingers. Right now as I type it is hard for me to remember the so many different kinds of instant miracles that have taken place. I know that I am leaving out so many wonderful miracles. I stand amazed at what I am seeing. All praise and Glory goes to our Wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the price He paid for our pain and suffering.

The Power of God has been present

On top of all the miracles we have been seeing there has been a great outpouring of the Spirit as well. Every night there have been bodies all over the floors, even on top of one another at times. Many nights it is hard to find a place to put people when they go out in the Spirit. Drunkeness, laughter, shaking, running, yelling, screaming, children having visions, people feeling the power of God coming on them. You name it, it has been taking place. Bodies laying on chairs, under the pews, across the pews. Children shaking under the power of God. The halls are full on people under the power at times. People just falling out under the power with no one laying hands on them. It has been a wild Holy Ghost time for sure. If you are nervous when the raw power of God hits a place you better stay at home Jack for this is not your Sunday morning service at Willow Creek!

A glittering light hits her in the chest

I was standing on the platform and gave a word of knowledge about someone lungs being healed. As I gave that word, I saw the power of God coming upon a woman standing at her seat. She started yelling, I SEE IT, I SEE IT, I SEE IT, JESUS I SEE IT! All of a sudden she gets slammed to her seat and starts hollering and yelling. What took place was, when I gave the word of knowledge the power of God came upon her and she could see a glittering light coming at her. It keep coming closer and closer and then it hit her in the chest. When it did her lungs cleared up!

Man shot in 1987 gets a miracle.

I prayed for a man that back in 1987 was shot. As a result he has been in constant pain for 21 years. Before the man got saved he was a drug addict. He said that no matter how strong of a drug he was on the pain in the body never want away. When I prayed for the man every bit of the pain left his body. He was in tears as he was enjoying a pain free body.

Pastor born deaf 49 years ago

I prayed for a pastor that was born deaf in his left ear 49 years ago. The doctors said he was born without the parts nessasary to hear. When I layed my hands on him and prayed he said I felt something swelling in his ear. He keep saying that all night. The next morning when he woke up he could tell he could hear out of his left ear. He called his wife and told her to talk to him. She thought it was strange him saying that but he told her to talk to him. When she carried on a conversation he then told her he was talking to her with the phone up to his left ear. She got excited and starting praising God. He then called others and did the same thing.

That night there were 15 people lined up for me to pray for their ears to be opened. 14 out of the 15 were opened right then and the other one needed to be able to test it out the next day to see of their condition was healed.

78 year old man takes off running around the church

I had a word of knowledge that strength was coming in someone's body. A man 78 years old man then takes off running around the church. The next day he testifies when I gave the word of knowledge immediately strength came into him so much he started to run for the first time in years, Also that morning he got up and went and got out his ro-tiller and plowed up his garden and planet tomatos and other seeds. His daughter called him latter that day and said I see someone came over and tilled up your garden. He told her "I did" she would not believe him for she knew his condidtion. He had a hard time convincing her he was the one that did the work. When she finally belived him she was amazed.

Off she goes running around the church

I prayed for a woman that had arthritis throughout herwhole body. When I asked her where is the pain, she all of a sudden realized all the pain was gone. She got so excited she took off running laps around the church and yelling, all the pain is gone, all the pain is gone! She has had that condition for years.

Asthma leaves the building

A woman came up for that has had asthma for 46 years. After I prayed for her I told her to take deep breaths. When she did she exploded with praise as she for the first time in her life could breath with clear lungs.

Woman almost de-capatated by a deer

Last night there was a woman present who was injured in two automobile accident. Years ago she was driving down the road and the car in front of her hit a deer which threw it in the air which threw it through her windshield. The head of the deer hit her in the head almost cutting her head off, the head of the deer went through the rear window of her car and the body of the deer ended up on her lap. That was one of two accidents she has suffered thru. Together these accidents left her with great pain in her body. Even after many surguries the constant head, neck, back, hips and body pain consisted.

When I prayed for her and all the pain left her body. ALL THE PAIN! After she testified of her miracle she then said she now needed God to touch her arm because of so many miss aligments and broken bones in her body, and body parts twisted so much her one arm was now shorter than the other. She extended her arms to showed everyone that it was indeed about 2 inches short. As her arms where extended straight out in front of her I prayed that the Lord would grow her arm out. I did not touch her but just prayed. As those around her watched, the Lord grow it out to the same length as the other arm. The pastor and his wife, the woman’s husband and others where standing beside her watching it grow out. Then the pastor and others said "Did you see her arm grow?" all where stunned and in awe.

Woman with MS works in her garden

I prayed for a woman with MS. 11 days later I get a call from her pastor with the report she has been working in her garden and anything she wants to do with no signs of MS in her body. The pastor said the day before she went for a catscan and is waiting to hear back from the doctor for a medical verification of her miracle.

Otisville Michigan

I am in Otisville Michigan at the Otisville Assembly of God. The revival meetings started Sunday morning June 1st. During the services there were many miracles that took place. Last night (Monday) we had a major Holy Ghost blow out. There were bodies lying all over the floors. The last three services there must have been between 75-80 miracles that have taken place and the most of them were in the two Sunday services. There is no way I can even list the miracles that have taken place. There was a 4 year old girl totally deaf in her right ear that opened up. There has been many and I mean many other powerful miracles that we have seen.

The Last 3 Revival Meetings

In the last 3 services ( Saturday, Sunday am ,Sunday pm) I have spoken at 3 different churches and have seen some very powerful miracles taking place. One woman was set free of a spirit of infirmity, throwing up and the whole 9 yards. Woman that just had back surgery less than a month ago, when I prayed for her all the pain left. Many ears have been opening up after years of being closed. There has been many backs, shoulders, knees that have been healed. The list keeps going. I just can not keep track of all the miracles that I am seeing just in the last 3 meetings.

Kalamazoo Last Night

Friday night was our last meeting in the Kalamazoo area and it was a powerful meeting. I spoke on evangelism and prayed for an impartation of the miracle anointing for hitting the streets, stores and every where you go. We saw some powerful miracles as well.

Kalamazoo Michigan 2nd Night

The second night there were miracles after miracles. To tell you the truth it is getting harder and harder to keep track of the many miracles that are taking place. A woman with shingles in her eyes came forward. I prayed for her, all the pain left and could look at a light for the first time in a year. One man who has had severe pain in his whole body for years came forward for prayer, doctors were unable to find the cause of his pain. After several surgeries and still no relief tonight ALL the pain left his body, his wife came forward crying and telling how much pain her husband has been in and so thankful that now his pain is all gone.

One young woman came forward, she said she battles with depression and anxiety attacks, after prayer, instantly a complete change came over her, a great big smile came on her face, the family was shocked at the sudden change in her! Boy that one was powerful! Wish you could have been there and watched that one take place! Here is a few of the many miracles we saw healed, whiplash, other necks injuries, shoulders, legs, years of back pain GONE!, hands, arms, knees. One pastor that came forward the power of God came on him, he got drunk in the Holy Ghost, staggered around hit the floor, came up healed of his shoulder and fired up! As I was praying for people miracle after miracle took place as this started happening people were coming forward all on their own that could not wait any longer to get prayed for. As the people sat there watching the miracles, faith was building to such a degree they simply got up out of their seats with such high anticipation and sat down on the second row waiting for their turn to get a miracle! I know I have left out other stories but as I mentioned it is easy to forget what took place after seeing of so many miracles at one time.

Kalamazoo Michigan 1st Night

Tonight was there were many instant miracles that took place. We saw arms, knees, backs, virtibreys, shoulders, necks, hips and feet healed as the mighty power of God was released. It was a time of impartation as well. Everyone one there was very hungry and ready for the fiery hot coals of the Lakeland revival to be imparted to them. There were many overcome by the Holy Spirit as there was an outbreak of the New Wine of the Holy Ghost. We had cell phones out and those that were calling loved ones for a time of prayer and miracles over the phone. It was a night for leaders as most there were from surrounding areas ready to see the revival break loose in there places of influence.

Cell Phone Miracles

Today while at the airport waiting for my flight to Kalamazoo, Michigan to hold revival meetings I got a call on my cell phone. It was a couple from New York. The husband and wife both had arthritis, one had it in both knees and the other had it in his back. I prayed for the husband first. All the pain left and he could bend over without any pain. I then prayed for the wife. Her knees were stiff as I prayed the one knee loosend up then the other got free as well. All the pain left and as we lung up the phone they were praising God for His wonderful miracle working power.

Brevard County Florida Miracle/Impartation Service

Tonight (Sunday May 18) I held a special miracle/impartion service in Titusville Florida. The power of God moved and we saw so very powerful miracles take place. One man suffered from a injury back in 1986 by diving into the shallow end of a swimming pool. He split his skull wide open and suffered permament injury to his spine. After 22 years of constant back pain he was healed by the power of God and a miracle took pace. He was in shock of his miracle! One woman was healed while driving to the meeting of a breathing problem and back pain. Another woman was healed of a breathing condition when she came into the room before the service even started. Backs, necks, knees, shoulders were healed as well.

Another Wheel Chair Miracle

I prayed for a woman last Friday, a couple day before had Broken her Vertibrey (not for sure on the spelling), was in terrible pain. Prayed a simple prayer, all her pain left, I told her to get up out of her wheel chair, she got up, walked around without pain and threw her arms up in the air crying and praising the Lord. Took off her back brace and the two pain patches she was wearing. 2 days later (Sunday) I talked to her pastor and the pastor said the woman was beside herself and gave her testimony that morning in church how the Lord had healed her.

More Testimonies

I prayed for a young man who had an abcessed tooth, complety healed right then and there!

Denny wrote.... Roger, you prayed for dental miracles at the Brevard County meeting. I had a checkup today, the last 20 years dentist said I had priodontal disease, they said I was losing bone. Today the dentist said I have the bone structure of a much younger man. Also all the pain is gone. Praise Jesus.

I held a miracle service last Sunday night at a motel conference room in Orlando, Florida. Woman gave testimony she was totally healed of shoulder pain in the service I held there 7 weeks ago. Man also give praise report that was in the same meeting 7 weeks ago that he was healed of sever Colitis that he had for years, no more pain, every symptom is gone.

Surprise, surprise, and a Target miracle to boot!

I was driving down interstate I-4 heading the the streets of Lakeland
Florida to do street evangelism. I was about 5 miles away from
Lakeland when I asked the Holy Spirit where He wanted me to go. I
heard, Fred's then I heard beautician. When I got there I got off the
interstae at the first exit not knowing where Fred's was at. I was
driving around and saw a policeman and stopped to ask him for
directions. He told me it was on the other side of town. As I was
going there in the back of my mind I was thinking that Fred's was a
store and that there must be a woman in there shopping that is a
beautician. In the south there is a chain of stores much like a Dollar
General store that is called Fred's. All the time I was looking for a
Fred's store.

I then had a vision of a woman' s hands and I knew she had carpel
tunne and that God was going to heal her of it. As I was driving down
the street looking for my destination to my left I saw a resturant and
the name of it was Fred's. When I saw it I knew that was the Fred's
the Holy Spirit wanted me to be at. Then I thought there must be a
woman beautician in there eating and somehow I was to find her and
pray for her. As I pulled into the parking lot and then into a parking
space I looked straight in front of me and was taken totally by
surprise when I saw at the back of the resturant there was a beauty
shop. I was tottaly shocked and amazed!

The Holy Spirit will rock your world and mind at the precise details
he will lead you into when you trust Him and follow His lead.

I got out of my car and walked into the beauty shop. There were
several woman working and one asked me may I help you. I said I have a
question to ask. She yelled out to someone to come to the desk and
help me. It was a man that came and asked me how may I help you? I
asked him if there was a woman that worked here that is in need of a
miracle in her body? He looked at me very strange and said WHAT? I the
asked him again and he said there is no woman here that he knew of
that needed a miracle.

I then said there is a woman here that has problems in her hands and I
am going to pray for her and God is going to heal her and it will be a
miracle! He then said THAT'S MY AUNT!, she has that problem but she is
off today and will not be back until tomorrow and for me to come back
tomorrow. I asked him if he could call her right now and I will pray
for her over the phone. He then tried to call her but there was no
answer. I told him as you can tell by all this that what I am saying
is right on and he said YES and that all this is right. I said I am
going to be persistant with this and I am going to see it thru. I gave
him my cell phone number and told him when he talks to his aunt give
her my number and for her to call me and I will pray for her over the

I left and drove just down the street to Target and the Holy Spirit
spoke to me and said, when you are at Target the woman will call you.
I walk inside of Target and asked where the restrooms was at and a man
said it is in the back of the store on the left hand side. I walked
back there and as I did I noticed there were three employees in an
isle and the Holy Spirit said I want you to pray for them. When I got
to the back of the store there was no restrooms. So I turned around
and went to the three workers and asked them where it was at. They
pointed to the front of the store. I asked them do either of you need
a miracle in your body. One of the women said that she has a lot of
constant pain in her leg that goes all the way to her hip. I prayed
for her and told her, now try to find the pain. She looked shocked and
said, IT'S GONE! IT'S GONE! I then prayed for the three of them
together and left!

As I was walking to my car my cell phone rang and it was the woman.
She said, my nephew called and told her there was a man that spopped
by and described the pain she had in her hands and that he wanted to
pray for her. He said that he had did not have a bad feeling about
this and wanted to give her my number. Se said she is a believer and
she believes in this and did not want to miss what the Lord would have
for her! I then told her how the Lord had given me all this and that
the Lord had singled her out of all of Lakeland and if He had done
this and it is all correct what is happening He would do what He said
He would do. If he had me doo all this a miracle was sure to happen.
She agreed. I asked her if she had any pain right now and she
explained it hurt in the mornings after sleeping on it and after she
used her hands to work with. I prayed for her hands and said that she
was going to know after she got up tomorrow and used her hands to work
with how the Lord given her a miracle.

Powerful testimony from the Titusville Florida service I did

Roger you prayed for dental miracles at the Titusville meeting. I had a checkup today, for the last 20 yrs dentist said I had priodontal disease, they said I was losing bone. Today the dentist said I have the bone structure of a much younger man. Also all the pain is gone. Praise Jesus

No I don’t need a miracle the man said!

I get a word of knowledge.... Elks Lodge! Not knowing where it is located I stopped at a motel to get a phone book to find where the Elks was located. There where 4 listed. When I saw them I knew which one to go to. I drive to the other side of town and pull into the parking lot but when I did something did not seem right. There where 5 or 6 cars in the parking lot so I knocked on door but no one answered. Felling something was’nt right I left and drove down the road about a mile then I felt that I needed to go back right now. When I drove back there were 2 trucks and three men there that was not there a few minutes ago. When I saw the workers I knew they were the ones I needed to speak to.

I drove up to them and got out of my car and asked one of the men. Do you need a miracle in your body? The man said no but the man walking up to us did. I asked him, Do you need a miracle in your body? He immeditally say NO! When he said that the man in another truck yealled out , HIS SHOULDER! I asked the man is your shoulder in pain? he said yes and the had injuredi it 4 years ago and it gives him much pain. I asked him if I could pray for it and he said yes! I prayed and asked him if there was anything going on after I prayed for his shulder and he said no. I then asked him if he was born again? He said he pray’s 5 or 6 times an day. I again asked him once again if he was born again and he then said no! I asked him if he was ready to get saved and he said, I AM MORE THAN READY! I lead him in the sinners prayer and when I did he said I feel tingling going all thru my body. He not only got saved that day but the miracle power of God started going thru his body!

Brevard County Florida Outpouring

I preached in Titusville Fl (space coast) this morning, TOTAL HOLY GHOST EXPLOSION. I had around 60 people that meet in a house wanting this Lakeland Fire to fall. Miracles took place, healings over the phone. The whole 9 yards, people flopping around in the floors. The power fell. The fire of Lakeland has hit Brevard County Florida!

Dental miracle over the phone

I prayed for a woman over the phone. For months she has had severe pain in her teeth to the point to where she could not even eat a banana the pain was so intense. Power of God touched her, a cool sensation went through her mouth then all the pain left. I heard back from her and she is amazed that she can now eat pain free!

Baptist woman gets a phone miracle

A friend called and was telling me that a friend of theirs is a baptist woman who lives in Texas is in bad shape and was asking me to call her and pray for her over the phone. I called and after I prayed for her I asked her if anything was happening to her. She said she felt a hand on top of her head and a tinglings was going all through her body and now all the pain is gone. I prayed for more Lord then heat went all through her body.

She suffered from, fibromyalgia, thyroid problems, no energy and several other things that I forgot that she told me was wrong with her. But now is totally pain free, feels great and full of energy and VERY EXCITED!

Vision of cashier's arm

The Lord spoke to me to go to Albertsons grocery store there was
a cashier there that He want me to speak to. Then I had a vision and
saw an arm with something black on it. I found Albertsons and went
straight for the check out line to look for the cashier that had the
black thing on her arm. There was only 2 registers open but when I
looked for the thing on the arm I did not see what I was looking for.
I walked around thinking she was possibly somewhere else in the
store. Then I went back to the front where the 2 women were working
and when I did I saw that the one did have the thing on her arm for
before I did not see it because she held her arm in such a way it did
not look like it did in the vision.

I got in line. When it was my turn to check out I asked the cashier,
Are you in need of a miracle in your life? when I did she immeditly
said, YES! I then told her that the Lord has heard her prayers and you
are going to get your miracle, to keep trusting Him and you are going
to get what you have been praying for. I paid for my mints that I
picked up so I could check out and left!

I have a Vision

I'm sitting in a church parking lot and I have a vision of a young woman, I see the style and color of her hair, color of her clothes and the way she moves her face. The Lord then tells me where to find her and then I hear the Lord say "tell her I love her and have a purpose for her life".

I drive to the Mall go to where the Lord tells me to go. I look thru the window and there she is. I walk up the her and Say. Do you know the Lord loves you and he has a purpose for your life? She looks at me and says... I needed to hear that TODAY then she moves her face just the way I had seen it in the vision.

Woman with Cane

I saw a woman walking with a cain at the mall. I asked her what's wrong.
Arthritis in her hip she said. I laid my hands on her tell her to walk, with each step the pain leaves.

Split second timing!

I get a word of knowledge "Michael's. I ask someone for directions. I feel the Spirit telling me to hurry up! I drive up to the store and I then see an employee leaning against the front of building and the Lord says "that's the one".

I parked and walked to her as fast as I could. As I walk up to her I can tell she's praying. I asked her "do you need a miracle in your life? She drops Her shoulders, her eyes get great big, her mouth drops open and says YES! I asked her what is it that she needs, My daughter she says. I laid my hands on her and say. Lord touch her daughter. As soon as I did that another emploee walks out the doors and tells her she needs to come in for someone has a return. I leave and see goes back in the store.

Telephone Miracle

My mom calls me from a check out line at a Wal Mart in Tennessee. She ask me to pray for a woman in the check out line over the phone. Woman is in terrible constant pain in her back and hips and can not sleep at night for the pain, I pray for her the power of God comes on her and all the pain leaves . My mom says the woman was wallking away smiling and saying ALL THE PAIN IS GONE!

Word of knowledge

I get a word of knowledge of Carlton Arms SOUTH, drive to other side of town to find it, meet a man there, prayed for his wife over the phone, she has many major problems ,tingling goes thru her whole body!

Holy Spirit tells me to talk to Her

Saw woman walking down road, Holy Ghost says talk to her, She gets instantly healed of carpel tunnel, neck injury, bad back, depression.

She then wants me to go to her boy friends house to pray for him, 10 years ago he had a 35,000 pound piece of machinery fall on his leg, server constant pain instantly healed, ALL PAIN GONE!, all of a sudden his ancle popped for the first time in 5 years! Has gout in left foot, instantly healed of that!

Go Back in the store Roger!

Walked by a woman at Wal Mart and felt I should pray for her but for some reason I walked on out to my car. I prayed and asked the Lord where I should go. I got nothing. I sat there for a couple minutes and knew I needed to go back in there and pray for that woman. When I found her she was at the burpee seed rack right by the check out counter in the garden section and that was not the right place for prayer. I waited what seemed like forever for her to move to a better location. So I just gave up and walked around a corner a couple isles away and asked to Holy Spirit to have her come to me. Within 20 seconds she came around the corner and was right in front of me. I looked at her and asked, Do you need a miracle in your life? just as fast as I said it she threw her hands up and said YES LORD I DO. I told her the Holy Ghost has sent me to tell you there is a miracle for you and that he is going to give it right now, today! She once again threw her hand up in the air and jerked around a bit and started saying THANK YOU JESUS! THANKS YOU JESUS! and jerked a couple more times. She was getting pretty loud by now.

I asked her what is the miracle that she needed. She said I need repairs done to my house and was praying about it this morning. I then asked her if there was anything in her body that needed to be healed of, she said she has sugar diabetes. I told her this is her day for a miracle and I laid my hands on her and told her the Lord heard your prayer about the repairs you needed done and God was going to touch her body as well. She started to jerk again and started getting loud. She was on the verge of a right out Holy Ghost fit. About that time a man came around the corner and should have seen the look on his face.

I asked her what happend when I laid my hands on her. She said she felt the power of God going all down thru her body, and when she said that, she started to jerk again a few times. After that she stood there then all of a sudden she threw her hands straight out from her sides and said I just felt something warm fall on me and it is going slowly all the way down thru my body. She just stood there with her eyes shut.

Tingling hand

I had a vision of a woman wearing a Wal Mart outfit with a brace looking thing on her right arm from the elbow down. I drove to Wal Mart to find the employee that the Lord showed me. I walked around the store. I walked by a woman and I turned back and when I did I saw that on the the arm that I could not see was the brace. I stopped and asked her what was wrong. She told be she has arthritis. I asked her if she was in pain right now, she said no but in the mornings she does and that she was wearing this brace to help her not have the pain while she worked.

I asked her if I could pray for her that God has wanting to give her a miracle. I reached out and touched her arm. I then asked her what happend? She said when I touched her a tingling went from her hand right up her arm to her shoulder around to the back of her neck then back to the right side of her head again then out that side of the top of her head. She then told me that she has disk problems where the tingling went to. She says she believes that the power of God has touched her and that everything will be alright and that she will know when she gets up tomorrow morning what has taken place.

She jerked and feels the power of God

I then went to find someone else in Wal Mart to pray for. As I walked around the food section I noticed a woman down the paper towel Isle that stood out to me. So I walked around to the other end of the isle and walked up to her and asked her if she needed a miracle in her body and she said yes. Are you in pain right now I asked? she said no that in the mornings is when she has the problems. I laid my hands on her then she jerked. I asked what happended she said she felt the power of God and that God has touched her. I told her you will know in the morning!

Virginia the 4 day old word of knowledge turns into a Mighty Miracle!

I will have to go back a couple days for this one. While I was out last Thursday I was walking through Sears I heard a word of knowledge and the word was "Virginia" as clear as any word I have ever heard. All that day while I was out I was looking for Virginia but did not find anything that the word would apply too so at the end of the day I just put the word aside and let the Lord do with it what He wants.

Last night (Saturday) after leaving the Todd Bentley revival meetings there in Lakeland, Florida while I was driving home I had a vision of a house. When I did I knew the general area where the house would be because that area was where I had the Man with the blender in his head encounter on Friday. I thought to myself I will go there on Monday for I had planned on not going out on Sunday but stay at home and get some rest for it has been a busy week with not much sleep.

Now back to today which is Sunday. Last night I did not get to bed until after 6:30 this morning and was back up just after 9:30. Around 11:00 this morning I decided I would go back out on the streets today and see what the Lord would do.

When I got back to Lakeland I decided to go to Sears to go to the bathroom. As I was walking down the same Isle as I did on Thursday the Lord reminded me of the "Virginia word of knowledge. I went to the bathroom and was leaving the store as I was putting my hands on the door I once again had the same vision of the house I had last night on the way home. As soon as I had the vision I knew that Virginia was a name of a street.

So off I went to find out where Virginia street was. As I mentioned last night I knew the general area of the house. When I got there I keep driving around looking but could not find it, I stopped and asked someone where Virginia street was at. It was on the other side of the area so I drove over there and continued to look for the street. I then heard the Lord say " I am sending you to a woman who has arthritis in her body, I have heard her prayer and I am going to grant to her a miracle I am going to heal her of arthritis".

Finally I found the street. As I drove down the street I asked the Lord which house it was for there where quite a few houses that looked like the one I seen in the vision. I drove to the end of the street and turned around and pulled up in front of a house and stopped. When I did there was a car pulling up behind me and I was in his way blocking his driveway. I pulled up enough for him to pull in and when he did I backed up and got out of my car and walked up to him as he was getting out and I asked him. " Do you know of a woman that lives on this street that has arthritis for the Holy Ghost has sent me here to pray for her and God is going to heal her. When I asked him that he said "she is right here in this house". I had stopped right in front of the very house with the women I was sent to pray for. I said can I pray for her? he then yelled inside of the house and said. "There is a man here to pray for you" he then said go ahead to go thru that front door she is in there.

I entered the house and there were two women there. I asked, who is the one with arthritis in your body? the one woman said I am! She then told me that she, the other women has it to! I said "I have been sent here by the Holy Ghost, for the God has heard your prayers and His is granting to you a miracle, for today he is going to heal you of Arthritis".

I laid my hands upon the first woman and when I did, all the pain left her body. I then laid my hands upon the second and when I did all the pain left her as well. The first woman then asked me, "will the Lord heal me of asthma too??? I once again laid my hands upon her and I told her take a deep breath, take another one, take another one! I then asked her how was it and she clear my lungs are clear!

I said thank you for allowing me to come into your house and I speak a blessing upon it. As I was walking out the door the woman said you can go in that room for there is a man in there you can pray for too. I had to go back out the front door to get to the other room for there was a side door leading to his room. As I walked around the house I looked through a window and saw a man and asked him "are you the one I am to pray for"? He said yes and I walked thru the door. There was a window in the room that was between to next room where the other two women were at. I asked him did you hear what took place in there with them? and he said yes. I asked him what is wrong with you ? he slipped off his shoes and said, my feet, see there they are swollen up and they hurt. I said I am going to lay my hands upon you and the Lord is going to heal your feet! I laid my hands upon him and asked him. Now where is the pain??? He said it left and he could feel his feet. I asked him "Are you a Christan and he said yes. I thanked him for allowing me to pray for him I walked out the door got in my car and drove off!

Man in a hurry gets a word of knowledge

Today as I'm getting ready to leave the house it dawns on me I have not eat yet. I've had 4 hours of sleep but I'm wide awake and ready to hit the streets of Lakeland once again where the revival is being poured out. It's an hours drive from my home in Orlando but I have a strong desire to wait and get something to eat at the subway there in Lakeland.

When I get there the line was backed up all the way to the door. I thought I'll just go somewhere else and eat but I keep getting this strong desire to eat here. I get in line and wait and wait. I'm thinking I'll leave and go somewhere else but keep getting this strong desire to eat here. I then start looking around asking the Holy Spirit to show me if there was someone here that you want me to pray for, I then start looking for a miracle!

For the past 5 minutes or so no one was in the line behind me. Then the door opens and a man gets in line behind me. Then the line once again backs all the way to the door. As I'm standing there the Holy Spirit says, The man behind you has arthritis! I then start to figure out a way that I am going to pray for him. I decided that I will meet him out side on the side walk and pray for him there.

After I payed for my food I stalled around waiting for him to leave as well. Then here he comes. I step out the door and hold it open for him, as he walks through the door I ask him, Sir do you have arthritis, he says yes, I then ask him can I pray for you, he say yes. During this question and answer time we are walking very fast for he is in a hurry to get to his truck. I lay my hands on him and pray. I ask him what's going on he says nothing! I ask him do you want me to pray for you again, he say no just one time will do it, I said what the Holy Ghost reveals He will heal, sir you are healed of Arthritis. He gets in his truck and drives away!


As I get into my car I ask the Lord, where do you want me to go now? He says go to Kohls there is an employee there that I want you to talk to. Not knowing start trying to locate Kohl's. Come to find out it is on the other side of town. When I get there I walk around the store looking for that someone the Lord has picked out. I looked around and saw her working in the jewelry dept. I walk up to her and ask her, do you believe in miracles? She just kind of stares at me and then says Yeah. I tell her the Lord has spoken to me that there is an employee here that he has a miracle for and that you are the one. I then felt that I should to tell her that there is a revival being poured out here in Lakeland at the Ignited church. She asked me is that Stephen Strader's church? I say yes, she says my husband knows Pastor Strader. I then tell her the Holy Ghost has sent me here to tell you that you need to be in the meetings, tell your husband that the Holy Ghost says you need to be in those meetings there is a miracle for you
there! I then walk away.

As simple as that may seem, I've delivered the word of the Lord now it's time to go to the next place the Lord has for me.

Post office Vision and the man with the blender in his head.

As I am getting in my car I ask the Holy Spirit where do you want me to go. All of a sudden I have a vision of a post office. I then start trying to figure out where this post office is. I start to drive out of the parking lot looking for the post office. I then felt that I need to drive back in the same direction that I just came from back to the other side of town. As I'm driving I keep looking for the post office I saw in the vision. As I'm driving I look and saw a neighborhood and have this strong desire I need to be in that neighborhood. The Lord then tells me, stop and ask for directions and when you do there will be miracles!

I start looking for someone to ask directions. I see this person, and that one but they are not the ones. As I drive through the neighborhood I came up to a corner and looked and saw someone selling produce. The Lord says, That is where you need to be. I pull off the road, get out of my car and walk up under the tent they have set up. There is three men setting under the tent and I ask them, Can you give me direction to the post office? They point and tell me it is just a few blocks away. All of a sudden one man then asked me, What are you looking for???? I then tell him I have been sent here by the Holy Ghost and I am looking for a miracle! They just sat there starring at me

I asked them, who needs a miracle in your body? All three said, I don't need a miracle. I had to keep asking them several times, you don't need to be healed of anything?? but they keep telling me no. I told them I have been sent here by the Holy Ghost and I know there is a miracle that is going to take place.

Then one man said you can pray for me. I asked him what is wrong with you. He said I had knee surgery 4 years ago and my leg has been stiff every since. I walked over to him and layed my hand on his knee and stepped back and ask him, now how is it? He said as he was moving his leg around, you know it is feeling better. I said stand up and walk. As he was starting to get up he said see there it is stiff. I then told him God is going to give you a complete miracle right now get up and walk. He did and as he got up all the stiffness was completly gone. When that took place he raised his hands up in the air and started praising God. He was walking around kicking his leg praising God.

Then one of the other men raised up his hand and said, I'll take one! I asked him what is wrong with you?? He said he worked on a train for 18 years and has lost most of his hearing. I said I am going to lay my hands on you and you are going to hear! I touched his ears and asked him, now tell me, how is your hearing now?? He said I can hear better, I can hear better, when he said that the other 2 me started praising God and shouting. I asked the man what is going on with you?? for he keep rubbing his head real fast. He said it feels like there is a blender going around and around in his head. Then he started praising God. Revival had done and broke loose under the produce tent.

Then the other man said I'll take one. I prayed for him and the power of God hit him and started going all through his body. All 3 of them where shouting and praising God! When the shouting died down all 3 of them told me they were just talkng about miracles when I drove of and got out of my car!

Vision of Bed Bath and Beyond.

After the tent meeting outbreak I drove back the mall on Hwy 98. I asked the Lord where do you want me to go. I then had a vision of Bed Bath and Beyond. Now I need to find Bed Bath and Beyond. I start looking and looking. I stoped and ask someone directions and come to find out it was right back to where I come from on the other side of town next to Kohl's. I said Lord I was just there a while ago if I would have know then I would have stayed in that area. The Lord then said, Timing is everything!

When I got to the store I walked inside looking for the person the Lord wanted me to minister to. I walked around the store and came up with nothing. I walked back outside thinking maybe I need to see someone out there. I looked across the street and saw a security guard sitting on a golf cart. I thought I would go over to him. When I walked up to him I said, Do you need and miracle in your life??? He said.WHAT???? I said do you need a miracle in your life??? When I said that he hit the gas and took off!

After that I stood around maybe 10-15 minutes waiting for the one the Lord has in mind. I decided to walk back inside and when I did there was a woman working right there just as you go in. She looked at me and said. how are you doing today. When she said that I knew she was the one. I walked over to her and said, Do you need a miracle in your life? When I did tears started coming in her eyes. She said what did you say????? I said, Do you need a miracle in your life? She started crying and said, you don't know how much I need a miracle. I have been praying today for God to give me a miracle. I asked her, what is it that need need? She said it is to personal for me to tell you. I then told her I have been sent here by the Holy Ghost to tell you the Lord has granted to you that today is your day for a miracle. The Lord has heard your prayer and and you are getting your miracle. She hugged my neck and I turned around and left.

She jerks and walks

At Wal Mart I prayed for woman in an electric powered shopping cart, the power of God hits her and she starts to jerk, she gets out of the chair and starts walking as she is getting strength in her legs, a couple times I thought she was going to fall out as I was walking her up and down the isle.

Parking Lot Flutters

Out in the Wal Mart parking lot as I was getting ready to drive off I noticed a woman pushing her shopping cart in front of me. I rolled down my passenger window and as she walked by and asked her, Do you need a miracle in your body? she said yes, I said can I pray for you, she said yes, I prayed for her then I asked her what is going on with you?, she did'nt say a word as she stood there with her hands stuck in side the car so I could pray for her, I asked her again, whats going on with you, what do you feel?? Then she said, all inside my body I feel the power of God fluttering. I said thank you for letting me pray for you then she walked away and I drove off.

There really is a fountain

Then I asked the Lord where He wanted me to go, He said the Mall. As I got out of the car I asked the Holy Spirit where he wanted me to go to in the mall, He said to the fountain. The first thing I thought was, is there even a fountain in this mall? It took me a awhile to find the fountain. When I did I looked around and asked the Lord who it was He wanted me to pray for. No one there was the right person. I sat down waiting for the Lord to show me who it was He wanted me to pray for. I sat there about 5 minutes waiting, then I saw a woman walking with a cain, I knew she was the one. I walked up to her and said, Looks like you need a miracle! she said yes I do, I asked her what was the trouble, she said a year ago she broke her foot and it did not heal right and arthritis set in and the doctor said it will never get better. I asked her if I could pray for her, she said yes, I laid hands on her and asked what do you feel. She said my foot is tingling, I said there is a miracle taking place in your foot right now. I said lets walk and see what happens. As we started walking I ask her where is the pain, she said it is leaving the more we walked the faster she started walking. I left her rejoicing.

Limping his way to Victory

I then asked the Lord where he want me next. He said the park! There is a man there that I want you to talk to. I knew it to be a ball park. I had no idea where a park was so I asked a couple people where a park was and they did'nt know. Someone finally gave me some kind of vague directions. So I got in my car and took off somewhere to the park. I turned down a couple streets and got lost. I was driving in front of a hospital, I saw a man limping with a bandage on his hand. I knew I needed to pray for that guy so I pulled into the hospital parking lot and meet him as he walked down the side walk. When I walked up to him I asked him what happended to him. He told me he cut his hand and in his leg hehas staff infection. I said you need a miracle, he said yes I do, I asked him if I could pray for him, he said yes, I prayed, then asked him what was going on, he said the pain in his leg was leaving. I said lets start walking and as we did the pain keep getting less and less. The more we walked the better he could walk. I asked if he was a christain, he said yes, I walked off and he walked away better with each step.

Home Run at the ole Ball Park

Next the park! I asked a worker at the hospital if he knew where a park was. He pointed down the street. There I was a couple blocks away from the park. I drove through the park parking lot when I did I saw the man walking across a field, I got out and did like the Lord said. I talked to him and told him what the Lord wanted him to know!

Can't wait to do it again tomorrow!